Automated Program Analyses of Student Programs

Are you interested in programming languages? Would you like to hack compilers or program analysis tools? Then this MARS internship may be for you.

The Luce research group is looking for Master students interested in joining our new research project on Conceptual Change in Learning to Program.

We are developing program analyses that syntactically and semantically analyze student source code. We then run these analyses on code snippets and programs the students submit, to identify flaws in their conceptual understanding of language features. The results of these analyses inform the design of educational materials and assessments and enable educational environments that automatically adapt to the students’ current understanding.

This project is related to two other projects offered by Luce (“Qualitative Analysis of Programming Interview Videos” and “Educational Technology for Learning to Program”). Unlike in these other projects, in this project the focus is on program analysis design and implementation development. Knowledge about compilers and programming languages as well as excellent programming skills are a must, and experience writing some kind of program analysis (such as one might get in a compilers course) is an advantage.