Educational Technology for Learning to Program

Are you interested in web applications? Would you like to contribute to sites with highly interactive components, rich visualisations, and powerful backends? Then this MARS internship may be for you.

The Luce research group is looking for Master students interested in joining our new research project on Conceptual Change in Learning to Program.

We are developing novel learning platforms, from clicker systems that allow students to produce open-ended answers to questions, to platforms that enable mastery learning, boost metacognitive development, and provide novel collaborative and social learning support. We want to extend these platforms to better capture and track the conceptual understanding of students who are learning to program. This work will enable the construction of more efficient and effective learning environments.

This project is related to two other projects offered by Luce (“Automated Program Analyses of Student Programs” and “Qualitative Analysis of Programming Interview Videos”). Unlike in these other projects, in this project the focus is on web development. Knowledge of JavaScript is a must, and experience developing with React is an advantage.